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Families of Elements


The Essentials


1 - Sx:

3 - P:

11 - Au:

19 - Vu:

37 - To:

Sex - Sex is what you think is sexy.

Pleasure - What we all strive for, but acquire in different methods.

Authenticity - Authenticity is Golden. Being true to yourself and others' true feelings and conveying them clearly.

Vulnerability - Being open to a place that might compromise yourself but could lead to great realizations.

Touch - Could be the most important part of sex. Stronger is not necessarily better.

Sexual Identity


4 - Id:
12 - Ge:
20 - Se:
38 - Atr:

Sexual Identity - The sum of a few criteria that define your sexuality.
Gender Identity - To which degree (if any) of a Gender does one relate to.
Bio-Sex - The sex assigned at birth. Male/Female/Intersex: which might not coincide with your Gender Identity.
Attraction - What type(s) of Gender (if any) are you attracted to.

Gender Identity


21 - Cs:
39 - Tr:

Cisgender - A person whose Bio-Sex corresponds with their Gender Identity.
Transgender - A person whose Bio-Sex does not correspond with their Gender Identity.

Sexual Orientation


22 - Qr:
23 - Bi:
24 - He:
40 - Ac:
41 - Pn:
42 - Ho:

Queer - An umbrella term for the LGBT community.
Bisexual - Being attracted to both binary Genders.
Heterosexual - Being attracted to the other Gender.
Asexual - Being attracted to no Gender.
Pansexual - Being attracted to all Genders along the spectrum.
Homosexual - Being attracted to your Gender.

Alternative Relationships


25 - Or:

26 - Po:
43 - Sw:
44 - Ra:

Open Relationships - A relationship that allows external sexual contact. "Want to have sex? It's ok with my partner."
Polyamory - Having multiple relationships at once. "This is my husband, and this is my boyfriend."
Swinging - A partnership that interacts sexually with others. "My wife & I enjoy having sex with the Johnsons".
Relationship Anarchy - A fluid view of relationships. You can create or not create your own definitions for each one.

Kink & BDSM


27 - Ki:
28 - Ds:
45 - Bd:
46 - Sm:

Kink - A sexual desire that is not in the social norm (whatever that means).
Dominance/submission - The act of consensually Dominating or submitting to another person's will (bDSm).
Bondage/Discipline - The act of consensually restricting someone's movement / punishing someone (BDsm).
Sado/Masochism - Enjoying the consensual act of inflicting or receiving pain and other extreme sensations (bdSM).

Sexual Aids


29 - Vb:
30 - Lb:
47 - Ph:
48 - St:

Vibrator - Any toy that vibrates. There are things that only a machine can do.
Lubricant - Underrated in importance. It's not just for anal sex, it's great for any sexual play!
Dildo - Any phallic toy for insertion. Don't worry boys, it's your friend - it'll never replace you.
Strap-On - A dildo that you can wear. Useful if you lack a penis or just want to use a different one.

Body Parts


5 - Bt:
6 - Ez:
13 - Tt:
14 - Vv:
31 - Ts:
32 - Dk:
49 - Pd:

50 - Vj:

Anus - Ass. Butthole. Asshole. Arse. Cornhole. Hershey Road. Rear End. Backdoor. Last part over the fence.
Erogenous zone - Body parts that bring us pleasure by physical or mental stimulation. Biggest one: brain.
Breasts - Boobs. Tits. Breasts. Apples. Bazongas. Hooters. Funbags. Jugs. Baloons. Tamales.
Vulva - What people usually call vagina but is actually just what can be seen from the outside.
Testicles - Balls. Cherries. Cojones. Nuts. Family Jewels. Gonads. Rocks. Testes.
Penis - Cock. Dick. Johnson. Pecker. Dong. Knob. Wang. Kielbasa. Mr Goodwrench. Prick. One-eyed Snake. 
Menstruation - A natural part of the female period cycle. Doesn't inherently mean no sex, unless you don't want to.
Vagina - Pussy. Box. Bush. Chocha. Vajayjay. Jelly Roll. Snatch. Cunt. Vag. VJ. Twat. 

Sexual Acts


7 - Cu:
8 - Os:
15 - Bj:
16 - Ms:
33 - Fi:
34 - Ks:
51 - Pg:
52 - Hj:

Cunnilingus - Oral sex on a vulva. Going down. 
Orgasm - O' yeah!
Fellatio - Oral sex on a penis. Blow Job. BJ. Giving head. Going down.
Masturbation - Having sex with someone you love.
Fisting - Yup - whole hand, in there.
Kissing - One of the best tools to find initial compatibility. It's not exclusively for your lips to enjoy.
Pegging - A woman anally penetrating a man with a strap-on.
Manual Stimulation - Hand Job. Digital Stimulation. Fingering.

Sexy State of Mind


2 - Co:
9 - Fo:
10 - Rs:
17 - Sf:
18 - Sc:
35 - Va:
36 - Cp:
53 - Pr:
54 - Atn:

Communication - Conveying messages clearly and openly and making sure they are received correctly by others.
Foreplay - Starts with "Hello."
Respect - The understanding that other people you're relating to have their own needs and wants.
Safer Sex - Methods for having sex designed to lower chances of spreading STIs and to prevent pregnancy.
Security - An important notion that every person should have in life, especially when relating to sex.
Variation - We tend to fall into habits both in relationships and in bed. Change is valued in time.
Compersion - Feeling pleasure in other people's pleasure.
Persistence - Found something good - stick to it. Don't go stronger/faster/harder, just keep at it.
Attention - Something that's important to give and receive from people that are precious to you.