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Yoni Alkan, DHS
Talks and Workshops

Yoni Alkan - Speaker

Yoni has been teaching for over a decade, and has given sexuality talks globally. Venues vary from private parties, including professional sexuality establishments, to academic institutions. Each event is modified to suit the relevant listeners, depending on the crowd's size, age, background, and interests.

Below you can find the various subjects that will be entertaining and educational to everyone. Feel free to navigate between talks and workshops via the menu on the right.

Prices of talks and workshops are on a sliding scale of $700-$1,000. Negotiable prices for Non-Profits and specific cases.

What's the difference between a Talk and a Workshop?

  • A Talk is an interactive lecture, where the crowd is engaged in the conversations.

  • A Workshop may include somatic exercises between participants.

Touch Workshops

Cuddle Party

A Cuddle Party is a 3-4 hour workshop where we get to learn about how to ask for what we want while practicing saying YES's and NO's and learning how to get better at it. 

What happens at a Cuddle Party?
People come together and create a safe container for them to experience wanted and safe non-sexual touch, while enjoying the company of warm and accepting folks.

Consent Plus - Directional Touch

As opposed to a Cuddle Party, these two 5 hour per day workshops are completely comprised of guided exercises which will allow you to look at touch interactions in a different light. These exercises will give you an opportunity to practice new tools and insights, so that you could take them with you to your personal life.

This workshop is influenced and inspired by the Wheel of Consent® as developed by Dr. Betty Martin.

Touch me like you mean it

Touch is super important. Yet we cast it aside in our everyday lives, and when we do have an intimate moment; we immediately equate touch to sex.
In this workshop we will talk about how important touch is for us, discuss consent, and then explore different types of touch. This workshop will enhance the participants quality of touch, and will provide them with a toolbox of touch-types that they will always be able to go back to in order to keep things fresh.

Let's get a little closer

We all know how to hug and kiss, right? Well, you'd be amazed how much we can learn about a person just by the way they hug or kiss. Many a times has a date ended because of an incompatible kiss.
In this workshop we will talk about the importance of hugs and kisses and we will get a chance to explore different kinds of kisses. I will provide you with some tips for hugging, and guide you through some exercises to find your most preferable kissing technique.

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Touch workshop
Hugs and Kisses
Cuddle Party
Directinal Touch
Popular Talks

Sexuality 101

This flagship lecture provides bite-sized introductions to several subjects. The talk can have a general focus, or can be customized to the group.

Is there a sexologist in the house?!

A dynamic Q&A where the crowd asks questions anonymously, and everyone gets to learn about everything on the fly. Great for any event: bachelor and bachelorette parties, a ladies’ night, quilting bees, etc. This activity will always be different and change in accordance with group participation.

The more the merrier

Alternatives to conventional monogamy are becoming more common and openly acknowledged. This lecture discusses Consensual Non-Monogamy (CNM), which includes sexually open relationships and Polyamory. We discuss some of the tools used to facilitate these relationships, and how those tools may be applied in monogamy as well. If you are questioning your own relationship to monogamy, this lecture may also help you clarify your preferences.

Making peace on the dating battleground

Dating has become a bit of a war zone, with its own attacks, defenses, conquerors and aggressors. But we don’t have to agree to these conditions; with effort and a change of mindset we can make dating an easygoing, positive, safe and pleasant experience for everyone. We can change the world together.

I am who I am

Sexual Identity has been in the headlines in recent years, with Transfolks and same sex marriage coming more into the mainstream media. Here you will gain a deeper understanding of the basic terminology and will be able to form a more rounded and knowledgeable opinion on the subject.

50 shades of consent

What is BDSM, really? A certain popular book/movie may not be entirely accurate. Come and learn about the basics of the amazingly diverse world of Kink, and see if anything strikes your fancy.

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Intro to Sexuality
Sexology Q & A
Intro to Poly
Good Dating
Sexual Identity
Intro to Kink
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