Sex is what you think is sexy.
What we all strive for, but acquire in different methods.
Authenticity is Golden. Being true to yourself and others' true feelings and conveying them clearly.
Being open to a place that might compromise yourself but could lead to great realizations.
Could be the most important part of sex. Stronger is not necessarily better.


The sum of a few criteria that define your sexuality.
To which degree (if any) of a Gender does one relate to.
The sex assigned at birth. Male/Female/Intersex: which might not coincide with your Gender Identity.
What type(s) of Gender (if any) are you attracted to.


A person whose Bio-Sex corresponds with their Gender Identity.
A person whose Bio-Sex does not correspond with their Gender Identity.


An umbrella term for the LGBT community.
Being attracted to both binary Genders.
Being attracted to the other Gender.
Being attracted to no Gender.
Being attracted to all Genders along the spectrum.
Being attracted to your Gender.



A relationship that allows external sexual contact. "Want to have sex? It's ok with my partner."
Having multiple relationships at once. "This is my husband, and this is my boyfriend."
A partnership that interacts sexually with others. "My wife & I enjoy having sex with the Johnsons".
A fluid view of relationships. You can create or not create your own definitions for each one.



A sexual desire that is not in the social norm (whatever that means).
The act of consensually Dominating or submitting to another person's will (bDSm).
The act of consensually restricting someone's movement / punishing someone (BDsm).
Enjoying the consensual act of inflicting or receiving pain and other extreme sensations (bdSM).



Any toy that vibrates. There are things that only a machine can do.
Underrated in importance. It's not just for anal sex, it's great for any sexual play!
Any phallic toy for insertion. Don't worry boys, it's your friend - it'll never replace you.
A dildo that you can wear. Useful if you lack a penis or just want to use a different one.



Ass. Butthole. Asshole. Arse. Cornhole. Hershey Road. Rear End. Backdoor. Last part over the fence.
Body parts that bring us pleasure by physical or mental stimulation. Biggest one: brain.
Boobs. Tits. Breasts. Apples. Bazongas. Hooters. Funbags. Jugs. Baloons. Tamales.
What people usually call vagina but is actually just what can be seen from the outside.
Balls. Cherries. Cojones. Nuts. Family Jewels. Gonads. Rocks. Testes.
Cock. Dick. Johnson. Pecker. Dong. Knob. Wang. Kielbasa. Mr Goodwrench. Prick. One-eyed Snake.
A natural part of the female period cycle. Doesn't inherently mean no sex, unless you don't want to.
Pussy. Box. Bush. Chocha. Vajayjay. Jelly Roll. Snatch. Cunt. Vag. VJ. Twat.



Oral sex on a vulva. Going down.
O' yeah!
Oral sex on a penis. Blow Job. BJ. Giving head. Going down.
Having sex with someone you love.
Yup - whole hand, in there.
One of the best tools to find initial compatibility. It's not exclusively for your lips to enjoy.
A woman anally penetrating a man with a strap-on.
Hand Job. Digital Stimulation. Fingering.


Conveying messages clearly and openly and making sure they are received correctly by others.
Starts with "Hello."
The understanding that other people you're relating to have their own needs and wants.
Methods for having sex designed to lower chances of spreading STIs and to prevent pregnancy.
An important notion that every person should have in life, especially when relating to sex.
We tend to fall into habits both in relationships and in bed. Change is valued in time.
Feeling pleasure in other people's pleasure.
Found something good - stick to it. Don't go stronger/faster/harder, just keep at it.
Something that's important to give and receive from people that are precious to you.



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