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What is the Book of Cuddles?

The Book of Cuddles is a new instructional book about cuddling. It will help you try out new cuddling positions, or learn more about your already favorite positions. The book also provides you with tools to learn more about consent, and tips on how to better your touch skills.

About the author Yoni

Yoni Alkan has a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and is a San Francisco based sexual educator and consultant.
He is also a certified Cuddle Party facilitator with and a one-on-one cuddler with

About the illustrator Cecilia

Cecilia Li is a Cleveland based artist, illustrator, and animator. She is also a Cuddle Party facilitator and occasionally dabbles in one-on-one cuddling with Cuddlist

The Book of Cuddles

Would you like a free sample?


Click below to download a free sample of the (Bite Sized) Book of Cuddles, which can show you just a snippet of what's in the book.

Gonna Be OK - The Book of Cuddles.jpg
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